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Justin in Valais

Trail to Britannia Hütte, Valais.


About Me

Skier, alpinist, radio amateur, SCUBA diver, gambler. Pilot but not the kind you want to fly with.

Professional Curriculum Vitae | Sailing CV

Recent Projects

Project Description Date
ISO2700 / ISO9001 certification LaTeX templates 2021 Private
Bitcoin Relay League: A Global Bitcoin Telecommunications Network [Concept] 2021 BRL Proposal
Direct exchange of digital assets, using PoW as escrow 2020 SIBEX AG
Multi-factor / multi-signature security for cryptocurrency applications 2019 Multisig the Easy Way
Central Bank Issued Cryptocurrency (CBICs/CBDCs) issuance, storage, and usage 2019 Contact me for details
Notary attestations (formal key signing ceremonies) for online identity 2018 Transacting Real Property: Implementation
Free banking with commodity money using digital token scrip 2018 Swiss Silver Token (Swisscom)
Cryptocurrency as mobile money 2017 X Wallet: the first iOS wallet for Monero





Short Essays and Materials

Personal Library

I collect old books. Here is a sample of texts that I think are worth reading and I currently have in my personal library:

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Advice for my Daughter


twitter/telegram/gitlab: @rusticbison
radio: HB3XRS (Switzerland) / KC9PPX (United States)
email: js@hotfix.site

Hoch-Ybrig Hoch-Ybrig. Mythen Mythen. Hoch-Geissberg Hoch Geissberg. Colorado A-Basin.

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