Important note: this page is out of date. This website is currently static and hosted by gitlab.

Bitcoin Network Information

This website is a python flask webapp running on a virtual private server (VPS) with 2GB RAM and a 4GB swap file. The python program is run under gunicorn, with four workers, and the site is served by an apache webserver. On the same VPS there's a bitcoin daemon. The python program talks to the bitcoin daemon (called bitcoind) using remote procedure calls (RPC). Each time you refresh the page, the python program runs again, giving you the latest information about what is happening on the server and on the bitcoin network. This communication "handshake" between the python program and bitcoind is the reason it takes a moment for the main page to load.

The number of validated blocks in the local best block chain:
{{ blocks }}

The difficulty of the highest-height block in the best block chain:
{{ difficulty }}

The estimated number of block header hashes checked from the genesis block to this block, encoded as big-endian hex:
{{ chainwork }}

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